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Simplified Guidelines ,Expanded Qualification Parameters for alternative borrowers

Non QM portfolio products for borrowers with good credit and available liquidity who may not meet new, more restrictive requirements for a mortgage loan

 1. Agency Near Misses? Use Alternative for conventional and jumbo loans that don’t quite fit agency guidelines
2. Work with Real Estate Investors? Qualify on subject property cash flow only with Investor - unlimited financed properties
3. Self Employed? No W2, tax return or 4506 with Bank Statement
4. High Net Worth Borrowers? No DTI with Asset Qualification
5. International Buyer? No FICO with Foreign National

Borrower must have the ability to repay the subject loan.

**Terms subject to change without notice. Does not constitute an offer, nor a guarantee to lend.

Brokered products may have higher interest rates or different terms than conventional loan products. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for more details,

Borrower must have sufficient liquid assets available for down payment, closing costs and reserves. Funds must be sourced and seasoned for two (2) months and the most recent consecutive statements (all pages) or the most recent quarterly statements are required.