For The Self-Employed Using Bank Statements To Qualify

for the self-employed using bank statement to qualify for a loan

Are you self-employed and tired of being turned down by other lenders, even though you're financially sound?

Good news, you can now use bank statements rather than tax returns to provide a more complete economic picture when you apply. Call us today!

Loan features:

 • One borrower must be self-employed and may have a W2 co-borrower (standard income and employment documentation will apply)

• Must be self-employed for at least the last two years in the same business (25% or more ownership interest is considered self-employed)
• Self-employed borrowers can qualify using the last 12-24  months personal and/or business bank statements
• If using business bank statements must also provide a Profit and Loss statement prepared by a CPA
• Assets must be traditionally documented
• Loan amounts up to $2 million
• DTI up to 50% or less
Credit scores as low as 680

Borrower may use an asset amortization formula to derive additional qualifying income

Cash out options are available


**Terms subject to change without notice. Does not constitute an offer, nor a guarantee to lend.

Brokered products may have higher interest rates or different terms than conventional loan products. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for more details,

Borrower must have sufficient liquid assets available for down payment, closing costs and reserves. Funds must be sourced and seasoned for two (2) months and the most recent consecutive statements (all pages) or the most recent quarterly statements are required.

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